About #NeverAgain Colleges
This site is a resource for high school students .


#NeverAgain Colleges serves two main purposes:
  1. Serve as real-time resource for universities that have committed to protect applicants who participate in peaceful demonstrations and may face disciplinary actions by their prior institutions.
  2. Encourage people to find and call on universities that have not put out statements yet.

High schools students want to demonstrate as part of the #NeverAgain movement, but they fear discipline from their school administrators. For some of them, they fear that any sort of disciplinary actions from their current schools will affect any current or potential admission to a university of their choice. By speaking out and putting out statements, university admission offices have the power to reassure their applicants and encourage their applicants to respectfully and peacefully perform their civic duty.

Goal of NeverAgainColleges.com

The goal of this site is to encourage universities to stand up for their high school applicants that may face disciplinary actions for peacefully protesting as part of the #NeverAgain movement. We seek to serve as a place to find universities that have made public statements and offer a way for people to call on universities to take action through personalized messages.

This site does not reach out to colleges–rather, it generates example messages that other people can use to reach out to colleges on their own accord.

We support the #NeverAgain movement and any student who peacefully performs their civic duty.


What does it take to get on the list?

A statement must be made that:

  1. Is posted publically by a university offical account or from an offical of the university.
  2. The university will not rescind applications/admittances from perspective students that participate in demonstrations.

The statement does NOT have to:

  1. Show direct support for the #NeverAgain movement (or any other specific movement/demonstration).
  2. Be a "new" policy (e.g. they could have had a similar policy for years and just clarified in their statement).
  3. Come from a university with a not-so-excellent history of political demonstrations on their campus.

What's an "Insufficient Statement"?

Some schools are releasing statements, but they are not explicitly saying that students won't have their admissions effected if their previous institutions takes disciplinary action. Sometimes, statements just say a vague statement about "peacefully demonstrating", and ignore the disciplinary aspect.

Example of an insufficient statement:

Admittedly, I have not verified that "Completed" statements are truly complete - Once I have verified them all, I will remove this sentence from the site. If you find a statement here marked "Complete" that you think is insufficient, let me know!


A master spreadsheet is being maintained that serves as a real-time feed of universities that have put out public statements supporting current or potential prospective students who engage in peaceful demonstrations. There is a completed list of universities who have put out statements (along with a link to their blog/tweet) as well as a list of universities who have not (put in manually). Most of the data/statements has been provided by Chris Peterson of MIT, who has kept an extensive up-to-date list of schools/statements in the past few days (NACAC has one as well).
This website is a completely static website (hosted on Github Pages) that interacts with the master spreadsheet through an old Google Sheets API. Semantic UI was used to make it look pretty.

Privacy Policy

The only data collected from NeverAgainColleges.com is analytical data provided through a Google Analytics script. The main purpose of the data is to record how many people visit this site. We do not collect any Personal Indentify Information such as names, academic identities, or emails, nor do we plan do. All of our data is hosted for the public to view on a Google Sheet. The only type of data hosted on the Google Sheet is public information about universities in the United States, as well as links/statements/tweets published by representatives of those universities that are open to the public.


My name is Alex Garcia, I'm a third-year Computer Engineering major at UC San Diego, originally from Whittier, CA. I made this tool because college admissions is a giant part of my life (currently work as a College Ambassador at my university), and I'm a frequent user of r/ApplyingToCollege. I also fully support the #NeverAgain movement, and I want to see it accomplish great things in this country. I thought a tool like this would be useful to some people, so I made it.


For suggestions/ideas/criticisms, hit me up on Twitter. For technical suggestions or bugs, file an issue on GitHub. If you want to help keep the master spreadsheet up-to-date, or suggest a new college to put on the list, send me a DM on twitter!